Solar thermal - on South Africa’s energy map

With South Africa’s coal energy supply not keeping pace with demand, with selective blackouts, with people investing in generators and with rapid price increases and companies whose business model banks on large amounts of abundant, low-cost energy, the potential for solar – PV and thermal – is bringing investors from all over the world.

This overview covers Kenya and South Africa - and shows that neighbouring countries that also look promising for solar thermal include Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The extraction of natural gas in Mozambique will bring an influx of growth, which in turn should spur solar growth in that country as well.


Take Note

  • Solar thermal industries are growing in Africa.
  • South Africa is well positioned to be a manufacturer of solar thermal systems.
  • Foreign countries, like China, look to Africa to sustain its growth, stimulating the solar markets.


Published as:

Solar thermal industry in Africa

By S Warren-Rose, Eneref

Electricity+Control, January 2013 (pages 36 – 37)