Smart metering showcase – Nelspruit High School

By A van Jaarsveldt and J Delport (Livewire Engineering and Consulting) and G Skriver (Kamstrup)


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2013 (pages 70 – 73)

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Cooperation between a Cape Town-based engineering company, and a Danish smart meter manufacturer, has resulted in a number of micro smart grids around South Africa being installed at schools, residential estates and shopping centres. All cases display a number of advantages for consumers - as well as for suppliers. At Nelspruit High School (Mpumalanga, South Africa) intelligent sub-metering of electrical installations has resulted in enhanced visibility of consumed energy – with an increased focus on energy-guzzling installations.

Instead of just measuring the energy consumption as a whole via the main meter and then paying the bill according to tariff, the school chose – as advised - to designate smart meters for the school facilities, boiler rooms, girls’ hostel, boys’ hostel, residences and vendors - in order to gain a clear picture of a very energy consuming installation type.


Take note

  • A by-product of growth is increased demand.
  • Enhanced visibility of consumed energy assists users in appreciating the need to conserve energy.
  • Smart metering now plays a crucial role in energy management as well as metering.