Small-wind energy, reducing grid reliance

By L Gouws, Kestrel Renewable Energy


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2013 (pages 58 – 59)

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In a typical home installation it is important to determine the availability of wind resources at the location. Coastal areas usually have very high average wind speeds throughout the year. In cases like these a ‘wind only’ solution is the most appropriate option. If you are located inland, and wind is not always prevalent, a hybrid solution is more suitable – for example, a mix of wind and solar. Using your location coordinates, renewable energy providers can advise on the best solution for your location and needs.

Multiple turbine installation becomes a possibility if sufficient land is available, allowing more energy to be tapped from the renewable source. If this is not available, the home will then be partly supplemented by the wind energy input reducing the total energy consumption. Many do not have the luxury to decide to be either off-grid or grid-tied, but if you have the chance to make the decision there are certain points to consider.


Take note

  • Alternative energy sources can be considered for industry and homes.
  • Small wind turbines may offer solutions, depending on wind availability.
  • Reduced reliance on the grid is beneficial for a number of reasons.