PV grid-tied system saves Bulembu

A town in the far North-West of Swaziland, Bulembu, was effectively shut down overnight when the Chrysotile mine closed in 2001. The town was revived in 2006 to re-establish a self-sustaining community and plans were made to establish a solar PV plant for the town. With external funding from the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA) and the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) the installation took a little more than a week with a team of five technicians.


Take note

  • PV solutions are viable in certain applications.
  • PV solutions offer off-grid solutions and can be installed with relatively little effort.
  • A 25 kW solution has been deployed in Swaziland, providing almost 10% of a village load.


Published by: Photovoltaic grid-tied system in Swaziland

By E Schultz, SAR Electronic GmBH, Electricity+Control: February 2012 (pgs 56, 57)

Email: erhard.schultz@sar.biz