New world of energy - Digital, local and consumer focused

By J-P Tricoire, Schneider Electric


Published in:

Electricity+Control, February 2015 (pages 36 – 37)

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For consumers, the connection of energy systems, phones and machines, in everyday life provides real-time information on consumers’ needs and offers an opportunity to control their consumption. It reduces the consumers’ energy bill, and increases their purchasing power within a very short pay back. Access to real time information and flexible, connected devices, allow consumers to change their consumption patterns. They are empowered to choose when, what and how they consume energy, presumably when electricity is cheap and green.

At the utilities and regional level, energy efficiency enables increasingly reliable supply and provides hedging against black outs. It also saves significant amounts in investments costs by avoiding the creation of new plants. Energy efficient technologies also save significant amounts by increasing resilience, security and anticipation of extreme weather conditions. Utilities can connect supply and demand, and offer new services to their customers, so that they consume less and at a more optimal time.


Take note

  • Information technology and alternative generation sources are causing a transformation in the energy sector.
  • Internet has formed the first stage of interconnectivity.
  • The next stage is about machines.