Lead and light the way

Lighting in *Eskom buildings is one of the critical elements that is mentioned in the Eskom IEE (Internal Energy Efficiency) procedure and it was therefore decided to target this component to implement the first IEE project in the North Western region. Of 69 buildings in the North West Region of South Africa, five larger buildings were selected to be retrofitted with energy efficient lighting technology and motion sensors. The purpose of the project was to improve energy efficiency of these buildings which are located across the region. Challenges such as safety issues, access to offices, employee complaints and storage of old luminaries were met… and lessons have been learned for future projects across the organisation.
(*Eskom is South Africa’s supplier of electricity).


Take note

  • Do not underestimate the demand side energy savings that can be made by selecting more appropriate lighting technologies.
  • Eskom is setting an example by showing what can be done!
  • The spin-off from an awareness campaign driven inherently by any energy efficiency drive is an important component.


Published as:

Energy efficient lighting system implementation

In 5 Eskom buildings – North Western region

By S Mokoena and T Qhala, ESKOM

Electricity+Control, August 2012 (pgs 58 – 60)


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