Heating water in a geyser

The water within a geyser can be heated in three ways: Using an electrical resistance element, using a solar collector or using a heat pump. The element uses electricity; the solar collector uses the sun’s energy directly to transfer heat while a heat pump draws heat from ambient air and then moves this heat through a heat exchanger. The three technologies are compared by the author – with the conclusion that you should make predominant use of solar water heating, with a heat pump as a back-up. Whichever investment you choose, your finances and your world will receive a great return.


Take note

• Heating water is the major component of energy use in a home.

• Traditionally, we have tended to think of an electrical resistance element as the obvious method to use to heat water in a geyser.

• Solar water heating, backed up by a heat pump, offers a more economic solution.


Published as:

Solar power versus ambient temperature power

By C Ballack, SESSA

Electricity+Control, December 2012 (page 36-37)

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