Future of diesel-generated power

Nalen Alwar, Cummins Power Generation


Published in:

Electricity+Control, January 2016 (pages 39, 40)

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Diesel fuel is still by far the most widely used fuel source especially in developing nations and emerging markets and a well-established supply chain exists in Southern Africa. Diesel generated power has shown advantages of project simplicity, short project lifecycles, lower capital cost and rapid installation time for power on-stream. There have been key challenges with regards to operating cost and emissions’ levels and it is worthwhile exploring how technology development has addressed these.

Additionally, falling crude oil prices have lowered diesel fuel prices and impacted alternate energy investment drivers. Furthermore the concept of resilience through hybrid solutions has meant that diesel generated power has to feature as a relevant component. Instability in stakeholder structures for projects with alternate fuel feedstock and decreasing levels in dams and lakes that have affected the performance output of hydropower plants have yet again called on diesel-generated power as emergency measures in Southern Africa. A topical issue is whether diesel power will still be relevant in the future.


Take note

  • Even diesel generator technology is evolving.
  • Specific effort is being placed on reducing the carbon footprint of diesel plants.
  • The trend is to combine diesel and alternative energy sources.