Fuel cell technology for enviroFicient ships

With rising fuel prices and impending environmental regulations, the pressure is on for more efficient and environmentally-friendly ships. In the joint industry project, ‘FellowSHIP’, a 330 kW fuel cell was successfully installed, and demonstrated smooth operation for more than 7 000 hours, on board the offshore supply vessel, Viking Lady. The Viking Lady was delivered for operation on the North Sea in April 2009. In September the 330 kW Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell (MCFC) power pack was installed. The fuel cell was connected to the main switchboard for the first time in December 2009. After initial testing, Viking Lady became the first vessel to obtain the class notation FC-Safety, as described in the DNV Rules.


Take note

  • Fuel cell technology is proven and has been applied in diverse applications.
  • In a fuel cell, chemical energy is converted to electric power via an electro-chemical reaction.
  • A fuel cell large enough to power a 300 kW vessel has been implemented.


Published as:

Life on the ocean wave…

Smooth operation with fuel cells

By E Ovrum, DNV Research & Innovation

Electricity+Control, December 2012 (page 34-35)

Email: eirik.ovrum@dnv.com