Electrical energy efficiency

The first prize in energy efficiency contributions comes from individual lifestyle changes. The second prize goes to the introduction of renewable energy resources by the private sector including customer owned and operated solutions. The third prize is for Smart Grids; the application of information and communication technology to the power grid of the 20th century. Smart Grids will also include technical solutions for the reduction of electrical losses in power transportation. The fourth prize is to limit the natural monopolies to do what they do best; base load power generation. Let us all explore energy efficiency gains for the national good.


Take note

  • Electrical energy remains the most attractive form of energy available.
  • We can only really become energy efficient when we recognise the absolute importance of saving energy.
  • A combination of technologies will ensure better use of our energy resources.


Published as: International perspectives on electrical energy efficiency

By P Naidoo, Pat Naidoo Consulting Engineers RSA

Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 72 - 73)

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