Aluminium smelting and the environment


As an extractive industry, the aluminium industry faces specific environmental challenges. Acknowledging these, the industry has committed itself to minimising environmental and climate impact by:



  • Researching and implementing ways to increase energy efficiency;
  • Promoting the responsible and safe disposal or re-use of waste products;
  • Maximising the use of recycled material;
  • Reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, the industry is committed to restoring land to its natural state or to sustainable agriculture usage after mining or industrial processes. Energy conversion efficiency and reducing greenhouse emissions are reduced through the implementation of computer aided control systems.


Take note

  • The aluminium industry has committed itself to future generations and has responsibly addressed environmental concerns.
  • The role of computer based control systems has enabled the industry to significantly reduce PFCs (perflurocarbons) and to manage pot line energy demand.
  • All sectors of our economy face challenges regarding the environment and we owe it to the future generations to tackle these robustly.


Published as: Electricity, control and the environment

By A Paterson, Aluminium Federation of Southern Africa (AFSA)

Electricity+Control, December 2011 (pgs 40 - 43)