Perspective from WWF South Africa

By Richard Worthington, WWF South Africa


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Published in:

Energy Efficiency Made Simple Vol III: Energy and enviroFiciency
November 2012 - Chapter 8: pages 109 – 111

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There is great urgency in motivating the realisation of the full potential of electricity and control technology options and the optimisation of natural resource use. We need to establish the credibility of achieving a fully sustainable global energy system – much less unpack how we will shift focus from ‘maximum-output-at-least-cost’ with a constricted economic lens, to drive investments that do not overlook the parameters applied to assessments of efficiency and that do not discount the future.

 Many pronouncements of what is realistic are – in the bigger picture – not just pessimistic but defeatist. We need to interrogate prevailing notions of economic efficiency and embrace an holistic appreciation of resource efficiency within the full spectrum of ecological goods and services.


Take note

  • Popular understanding of what is possible in relation to energy and enviroFiciency is constrained by what is familiar and established.
  • It is common knowledge that there is massive potential for improvements in energy efficiency, both at the point of use and in the supply system as a whole.
  • Renewable energy resources are more than sufficient to meet all of our energy needs without compromising food and water security.