Metering: Basis for energy management

By Frikkie Malan, Energy Cybernetics


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Published in:

Energy Efficiency Made Simple Vol III: Energy and enviroFiciency

November 2012 - Chapter 2: pages 21 - 22

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Metering in its basic form has traditionally been a tool for gathering energy usage information for billing purposes at utilities. This fundamental technology has upheld its usefulness through time and has reinvented its own worth by becoming the basis for measuring and verifying energy use to ensure effective energy management.




  • Metering for accuracy -It is paramount to establish what you are paying for, and whether you are being billed correctly.
  • Metering for more value - Analyse what your organisation’s requirements are and what you would like to achieve with the metering data.
  • Metering for decision making - Knowing how much energy your site is using, where it is being used, what is causing the wastages and use and who has influence over energy consumption, will lay a good foundation to establishing what your organisation’s energy goals should be.


Take note

  • Without effective metering, organisations could end up paying utilities for estimated bills, incorrect readings or basic errors
  • The more detailed the energy consumption data collected, the better the patterns of energy waste, and therefore energy saving opportunities, can be identified.
  • Metering can result in significant financial benefits.