Diversity of Ethernet

By Doron Kowensky, H3iSquared


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Published in:

Energy Efficiency Made Simple Vol III: Energy and enviroFiciency

November 2012 Chapter 3: Pages 27 - 28

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Ethernet is an open family of networking technologies, standardised by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) under the designation IEEE 802.3. The first of these standards was ratified in 1983, with new standards and amendments to existing standards beings released constantly, including plans for new standards being introduced in 2014.

Ethernet will not easily be replaced in the near future. Hundreds of companies worldwide produce Ethernet equipment and because of the open standards with which this hardware must comply in order to be considered Ethernet hardware, the equipment is compatible. This means that employing Ethernet as a communications technology does not vendor-lock users into buying from a single manufacturer. What has become a highly competitive market prevents the technology from stagnating as manufacturers strive to offer more features and better hardware.


Take note

  • The communications system can be thought of as the central nervous system of any control and automation system.
  • It can be intimidating to plan a mission critical network without a strong understanding of the full functionality offered by Ethernet.
  • Ethernet is around to stay!