Benchmarking of energy use in buildings in South Africa

By Braam Dalgleish, Energy Cybernetics


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Published in:

Energy Efficiency Made Simple Vol III: Energy and enviroFiciency

November 2012 Chapter 3: Page 34 - 35

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The National Energy Barometer Survey is a South African tool to measure the effects of a facility’s energy consumption impact on the national energy resources as well as its environmental impact. A building that is a ‘working ‘ green building, with effective energy efficiency measures in place, will have the benefits of using less energy, thereby increasing profit margins, extending the building’s useful lifespan, improving marketability and reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.



The National Energy Barometer Survey aims to:

  • Develop a comprehensive, reliable and accurate energy benchmark database of South African buildings enabling building-owners to assess their energy intensities and compare these with their historic consumption as well as to the industry average and other buildings in the same sector.
  • Ultimately create an awareness of industry’s energy consumption and its emissions’ footprint with a view to become more environmentally aware and playing a much-needed role in securing the country’s energy future.


Take note


  • Benchmarking is the first step towards energy conservation and efficiency
  • .Whether you are in the process of ‘going green’ – or if you own a green building – it is essential for you to have an effective energy efficiency policy and strategy in place.
  • The National Energy Barometer Survey is a South African tool to measure the impact of your facilities’ energy consumption on the environment.