Banks - enablers of environmental sustainability

By Brigette Burnett, Nedbank Group


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Published in:

Energy Efficiency Made Simple Vol III: Energy and enviroFiciency

November 2012 Chapter 2: pages 24 - 25

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During its more than 20-year environmental sustainability journey, the Nedbank Group has experienced, first hand, the power for positive change that can be unlocked through the combination of financial innovation and social inclusion. In this institution’s experience, governments, businesses and individuals are more than willing to involve themselves in environmental sustainability. Often all they need is the opportunity to do so. Since the operations of financial institutions typically allow them broad access to all these sectors of society, they are ideally positioned to create such opportunities for environmental partnerships and shared participation.

Achieving leadership in environmental sustainability is a strategic objective. However, this leadership role has nothing to do with attempting to be the bank that throws the most money at green initiatives, and everything to do with fully embracing its green responsibilities, creating opportunities for all to become environmental ‘activists’, and putting its influence to the best possible use.


Take note

  • Banks have a responsibility to promote and enable environmental sustainability.
  • The Nedbank Group began its environmentally sustainable journey more than twenty years ago.
  • The bank’s major projects include South Africa’s first Green Index and the Green Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) which gives businesses and individuals the opportunity to invest based on their environmental convictions.