Arc flash protection – what more can be done?

By L Steenkamp, consultant


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2013 (pages 37 – 39)



Many hours have been spent in mitigating the risks of high voltage switching and operating, yet fatalities still occur. How is it possible to have fatalities when the risks have been reduced to the absolute minimum? What more can be done and why does it not always work?

Human error is a major contributor to accidents; human error has been found to be a significant factor in a disaster – whether through a lapse of judgment on the part of the operator, lack of sleep or just lack of experience. Human error is the one element of risk that cannot be mitigated completely.


Take note

  • Electrical equipment can and does fail – sometimes with catastrophic results.
  • The risk of failure is increased with reduced maintenance.
  • Injury due to arc flash simply should not occur.