Lightning protection: Basic requirements of the SANS and IEC codes of practice

The South African code of practice as amended in 2010 gives a brief description of the requirements for the protection of structures and persons against lightning, however, the document does not cover all aspects. The cover page of the code of practice therefore clearly states that it can only be used in conjunction with the IEC 62305 series. As a result of the substantial changes made in the lightning protection codes of practice in 2010, and the author’s belief that many contractors are not implementing the required changes, the author’s company has embarked on an education programme to inform consulting engineers of these new requirements.


Take note

  • Any LPS design must be preceded by a detailed risk assessment.
  • SANS 10313: 2010 must be used in conjunction with SANS IEC 62305 suite of documents.
  • Installation of an LPS should be done by an experienced contractor.


Published as: SANS 10313:2010 and IEC 62305 Parts 2 and 3
By T Manas, Pontins, Electricity+Control: January 2012 (pgs 24 – 28)