Copper electrical wiring for safety

By E Swanepoel, Copper Development Association Africa (CDAA)


Published in:

Electricity+Control, October 2013 (pages 38 – 40)

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Almost no modern building material is more time-tested than copper electrical wiring. From generators and motors to electric lights, copper is recognised as the industry standard and is the only wiring material to be approved by all electrical codes worldwide. It is resilient, reliable, and most importantly, safe.

Copper electrical wiring is used commercially and residentially because it is easy to work with and can be easily, securely and safely connected to outlets and other electrical equipment. It requires less maintenance and its connections are much less likely to loosen and corrode over time. It is these advantages, not to mention copper’s superior conductivity, that make this metal the preferred choice among professional contractors working on a building’s wiring systems.

Electrical wiring is everywhere. It is just not worth the risk to rely on non-copper wiring materials that can corrode or give under pressure. It is hard to find a material better suited than copper to prevent electrical fires and keep building occupants safe.


Take note

  • Standards are in place to protect the public.
  • In 2011 in South Africa, 9% of building fires were attributed to electrical faults.
  • Faulty electric wiring can be the cause of fires.