Best advice on lightning protection

The chance of a normal house in South Africa being struck directly by lightning is less than once in 25 years, however during that time, it will be exposed to the effects of a lightning strike up to 10 times per year. Buying the best surge and lightning protection products available on the market is advisable, but if they are incorrectly installed, they will not be able to offer the required level of protection. It is for this reason that it is important that you ensure that you have the products professionally installed by competent people.


Take note

  • Surge protection is generally required in South African installations in the highveld.
  • External lightning protection alone does not offer proper protection to systems within a structure.
  • Surge protection devices (SPDs) must be properly installed and coordinated in order to offer adequate protection.


Published as:

Surge and lightning protection – do we know the facts?

By P van As, Surgetek

Electricity+Control, January 2013 (pages 18 – 19)

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