Wireless vibration monitoring improves reliability and enhances safety

By T Culham, Barking Power Limited


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, May 2013 (pages 30 – 32)

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Monitoring techniques for rotating machinery have improved greatly in recent years, with advanced vibration monitoring and analysis tools now able to identify even the slightest changes in the condition of an asset - as they are taking place. A case study on one of Barking Power Station’s starting motors housed in a gas turbine auxiliary compartment, illustrates that online vibration monitoring can help to predict when a failure will occur and alert maintenance as to the health status of the equipment. Early warning of impending failures can prevent process shutdowns that lead to lost production.


Take note

  • The benefits of online vibration monitoring of rotating machines is well known.
  • Vibration monitors that communicate on a wireless network are now available.
  • Wireless data can be processed in real time allowing insight of a machine’s condition, and avoiding unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns.