Motor start-up solution creates a more efficient brew


The Carlsberg Brewery in Ashkelon, Israel, has installed a motor start-up solution that enables it to comply with strict utility voltage sustainability requirements.The main issue at the facility was to find a cost effective solution for starting the LV motor, protect valuable equipment, comply with the regulatory authority, reduce the start-up time of the motor and provide sufficient compensation during the steady state. The installation consisted of 2,61 MVAr EQ-ST formed by three 870 kVAr groups to compensate the motor start and one EQ (Equalizer) 500 kVAr system for the steady state compensation. With compensation the voltage drop would potentially be reduced from 23% to 8,5%. Due to this significant decrease in the voltage drop, the THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) factor would be completely stabilised. The system was fitted with the author’s company’s Power Quality Analyser, which continuously records all the electrical waveforms, with no gaps in the data with significant results.


Take note

  • Voltage stability can be affected by motor start-up.
  • Reactive power increases during start-up and must be compensated for.
  • ‘Off the shelf’ solutions exist to limit the effort of motor start-up in the supply.


Published as: Cheers! Brewery voltage drops resolved, By E Kadec, Elspec

Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 28 – 29)