Motor repair and rewind – are these viable options?

Typical low voltage winding
Typical low voltage winding

To misconceptions circulating within the industry that claim…

o Motors cannot be repaired, nor can they maintain performance and efficiency
o Motors should only be repaired once or twice
o Premium or high efficiency motors cannot be rewound

…the author responds that motors can be repaired maintaining efficiency to a value very close to the original and can even improve on efficiency. In his opinion, a motor can be successfully repaired whilst maintaining efficiency provided the following are observed:

  • The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) conductor size and winding specification must be used.
  • The core must be tested before stripping and again before winding.
  • The correct bearings must be used and fitted to the bearing manufacturer’s specification.
  • The fan must be identical to that used by the OEM.
  • The OEM’s specified rotor must be used to ensure that the air gap is to OEM specifications.

He adds that reputable repairer would ensure that these conditions are complied with so that a motor is repaired whilst maintaining its original efficiency.


Take note

  • The South African motor repair industry goes back over 100 years.
  • Motors can be repaired to original spec, and in some cases, may even be more efficient.
  • The motor repair industry remains critical to the South African economy.


Published as:

Misconceptions about the motor rewinding/ repair industry

By H du Preez, H du Preez & Associates

Electricity+Control, May 2012 (pgs 34– 37)