Motor and drive efficiency – collective approach for better results

By M Kutny, Bauer Gear Motors


Published in:

Electricity+Control, July 2014 (pages 20-22)



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Efficiency, reliability and total cost of ownership are terms that are at the forefront of engineering considerations, however looking at items of equipment on an individual basis may not deliver the maximum benefits for electric motor and drive efficiency.

In recent years the majority of emphasis has been on the improvements which have been made in electric motor efficiency, in part due to the changing regulations which have focused manufacturers and customers alike. However, in terms of overall efficiency within drive systems which are powered by electric motors, the mechanical system also needs to be considered as it possesses a very significant potential for optimisation.

In between the electric motor and the final process there is usually a series of mechanical drives, gears, couplings and bearings which transmit the mechanical power supplied by the motor. By examining each component within this mechanical section and optimising the design, further efficiencies and savings can be made.


Take note

  • Motor efficiency and drive efficiency can and must be optimised.
  • Looking at each part in isolation may not ensure an optimal solution.
  • Be sure that both motor efficiency and drive efficiency are fit for purpose.