Has enough changed in large rotating electrical machines?

In view of Crown Publications celebrating 25 years in the industry in November 2011, the authors ask: How often did motors and generators fail 25 years ago – and how often do they fail now? This article gives a factual and personal perspective of the development of large rotating electrical machines: It sights the Joule electric vehicle as the undisputed milestone during this period and urges decision-makers to approve the required financing of this ‘Joule’ in our backyard - rather than import electric vehicles.


Take note

  • Motor or rotating electric machines remain a key component of modern society.
  • In 1900, 38% of American automobiles were electric.
  • Optimal Energy’s Joule electric vehicle is a milestone for electric motors in South Africa.


Published as: ‘Nothing ever changes in large rotating electrical machines’

By R Melaia, LHMarthinusen and H du Preez, Consultant

Electricity+Control, November 2011 (pgs 34 - 38)

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