Efficient MG-set driven mine winders

The continued increase in energy costs forces industry to look for ways to improve efficiency. The industry abounds with stories of energy consumption improvement projects that simply fail to deliver the expected return on investment. The most obvious way to improve efficiency (in this case replacing a motor generator set (MG-set) with a dc converter drive) is not necessarily the only way to achieve meaningful improvements. It is vital to look at the utility rate scheme, the application and the characteristics of the technology employed to identify strategies that will deliver on the feasible investment available. The author examines cost effective methods to reduce the electricity consumption of motor-generator controlled dc mine winders.


Take note

  • There remains a large installed base of MG-sets.
  • The overall efficiency of an MG set can, in fact, be improved.
  • It may not be necessary to replace your MG set if it is offering good service.


Published as: Improving energy efficiency on MG-set driven mine winders

By G Botha, Neu Bergmann

Electricity+Control, November 2011 (pgs 44 – 46)

Email: Gerhard@bergmann.co.za