70 % savings on power costs with modular energy-saving system



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Electricity+Control, July 2015 (pages 29 – 30)

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Modular energy-saving system Energy-efficient drive systems are becoming more important than ever in South Africa, given the volatile power supply from the national grid as a result of continued load shedding, as well as surging electricity costs and increasingly-stringent environmental legislation. This issue is being proactively addressed by SEW-EURODRIVE through its newly-launched effiDRIVE energy-saving solutions, which are based on the company’s proven modular concept. Even a single efficiency-o

ptimised drive component can positively impact a system’s overall energy balance. The modular energy-saving system only includes components with optimised energy efficiency. Combining these optimised components from the modular energy-saving system can result in up to 70 % energy savings. The effiDRIVE solution is ideally-suited for numerous industries, including; food and beverage, airport logistics, building ventilation systems, and intralogistics, such as storage and retrieval systems. Another major benefit of the effiDRIVE solution is that it can be retrofitted onto existing machines and systems.


Take note

  • In South Africa there is a strong drive to increase energy efficiency.
  • Using energy efficient solutions minimises operating costs, maintaining existing infrastructure and capacity.
  • Energy efficient solutions lower plant power requirements and improve stability.