XTS enables compact and fast linear machine

Stefan Ziegler, Beckhoff Automation


Published in:

Electricity+Control, January 2016 (pages 4 – 5)

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For 35 years, Groninger & Co GmbH has been developing technologically advanced machinery and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry at its headquarters in Crailsheim, Germany, and for the cosmetics industry at its nearby facility at Schnelldorf.

 Filling machines with a linear process sequence are more application-friendly, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly than circular filling systems. However, the processing speed can reach limits, if very large machines are to be avoided. Unless you utilise an innovative machine design which combines high filling speed with a compact design based on the eXtended Transport System (XTS), as Groninger did for their new cosmetics filling line.


Take note

  • There remains massive scope for automation at most plants.
  • Modern systems can be compact and cost effective.
  • The case study, as presented, shows space saving and significant improvements.