Wireless communication solutions for international utility applications

By C Goldman, FreeWave Technologies

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Published in:

Electricity+Control, March 2013 (pages 10 – 11)

Email: cgoldman@freewave.com.



For both the US and international electric power companies looking to implement a licenced wireless data communications solution, there are wireless technology providers who offer solutions that can be used in the US and internationally. No matter where a utility is located across the globe, it is likely that operators will want a data communications solution that is reliable, cost-effective and flexible. However, it is important for wireless technology utility operators and decision-makers to carefully consider both the available technology options and the best fit option for their individual communication network and applications. If the decision comes down to either licenced or unlicenced communications solutions, there are reputable manufacturers who can offer both types of technologies and can advise utility operators as to what is best for their network. As more applications become automated, especially within the electric power industry, utilities should be on the lookout for new developments in order to ensure optimal communication.


Take note:

  • Industry is reliant on reliable communications – staying connected.
  • Increasingly, wireless technology is being relied upon to provide better manageability, expandability, cost benefit and speed over wired solutions.
  • Electric power companies are looking to secure wireless networks to hold their smart grids together.