When failure is not an option

By B Roth, Antaira Technologies


Published in:

Electricity+Control, January 2016 (pages 6 – 9)

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Although there is a variety of Ethernet-based or USB-based devices in the market, they are more for consumer, commercial, or enterprise type equipment that thrive only in indoor or air conditioned environments. Most industrial application measurement devices are still being developed by device manufacturers which means serial is still prevalent in today’s automation world and applications require real-time and accurate data exchange between field serial devices and remote control management maintenance system.

The industrial serial device server series provides high industrial grade, environmentally proven designs, plus new features that can assist in a number of mission-critical applications for data assurance and accuracy solutions.

• LAN Bridge Mode: Applications can be applied as daisy chain connections, or Ethernet switching solutions
• LAN Redundancy Mode: Includes STP/RSTP protocols for mesh-type topologies, and the open standard TU-T G.8032/Y.1344 ERPS protocol for ring network topology solutions, and supports a standard network recovery time <50 ms
• LAN Dual Subnet Mode: Supports dual-network set-up to transmit serial data simultaneously to remote redundancy servers


Take note

  • Any process tends to include serial devices.
  • These have tended to be single points of failure.
  • New Ethernet-based solutions eradicate this problem, while ensuring data redundancy.