What the operator sees

In today’s world of IP networks, the possibility exists for more advanced camera systems than in previous legacy analogue systems. The benefits provided by using a professional, well commissioned camera network should not be under-estimated. Proper camera management systems do not only provide security and safety monitoring on a site, but can also be used to increase production and control.


Take note

  • Consider the value of being able to see exactly what the operator was seeing when your production line shut down.
  • You can take root cause analysis to a new level by adding video of operator screens to your plant history.
  • You can optimise operator training through the use of HMI recordings of complex or standard procedures.


Published as:

Advanced industrial, utility and ITS IP monitoring solutions

By T Craven, H3iSquared, Electricity+Control, December 2011 (pgs 4 - 5)

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