‘Times they are a-changing’

In view of Crown Publications celebrating 25 years in the industry in November 2011, this author considers how the image of the engineer changed during this period. In the nineteen-eighties, the electronic age was in its infancy. He labels this era ‘the 4th industrial revolution’. Today’s engineer should embrace a ‘one planet for all’ message and continue to contribute to the improvement of technology, innovation and lifestyle (whatever that might be in the next 25)!


Take note

  • The largest contribution to the quality of the life that we enjoy today is made by engineers.
  • Engineers still seem to stick to the tried and tested which makes the profession appear ‘non sexy’.
  • The future of the planet remains firmly in the hands of engineers – one planet for all.


Published as: ‘Times they are a-changing’, 

By D Fleming, Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA)

Electricity+Control, November 2011 (pgs 8 - 10)

Email: Dbfleming220956@gmail.com