Successful industrial automation framework of the future

Leading-edge automation technology has the ability to remain contemporary across multiple generations of underlying semiconductor chipset technologies, while application-specific domain expertise deployed through pre-engineered libraries in the automation layer build a foundation for a successful automation framework of the future. The risks associated with technology obsolescence and application deployment are highly reduced with control and computing solutions in standard and custom form factors that now migrate over multiple chipset lifespans. Further risk reduction is achieved by using proven pre-engineered process libraries to standardise across multiple plants and utilities delivering repetitive and consistent deployment.


Take note

  • Process automation solutions can deliver additional performance and productivity by leveraging technology principles that are powering the Information Age.
  • The two key trends in industrial automation are rapid evolution of collaborative technology, and the ability and need to embed pre-engineered application domain expertise in automation platforms.
  • While most of the vertical pre-engineered solutions are vendor-dependent, this will not remain so for long.


Published as

Innovations with SCADA and PLC

By A Bosman, GE Intelligent Platforms

Electricity+Control, October 2012 (pages 26 – 28)

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