SCADA – right for you!

It is often the simplest questions that are not asked when upgrading, expanding, replacing or putting in a new SCADA system. These are the questions that make the difference between a system that is unsuitable for your purpose – and one that meets all your needs! Questions that need answers include:
• What influencing factors are there?
• Who needs to be involved in this?
• Do you know what you want your SCADA to do?


Take Note

  • There are many questions that must be asked when upgrading or expanding a SCADA system.
  • The most important aspect is to ensure that the system, once installed, is absolutely suited to your needs.
  • It is worthwhile engaging with active players in the industry in order to ensure that you ask the right questions and make the right choices.


Published as:

Right SCADA for you!

By B Liebenberg, Anytech

Electricity+Control, October 2012 (page 29)

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