Revamp – slashes energy costs and boosts efficiency

By V Strobel, Schneider Electric


Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2014 (pages 16-17)



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Major telecoms company in southern Africa and beyond, Vox Telekom, (headquartered in Johannesburg), needed to improve its systems and boost the efficiency of its high energy consuming, data-heavy systems’ functions. In addition to improving its energy use, the company was looking to address challenges – including working with disparate systems with limited visualisation across the enterprise, multiple system integration, limited access to power metering and data to analyse usage, a sub-optimal tariff structure, high energy costs, and difficulties with use and maintenance of its systems.

The Vox Telekom headquarters comprises five buildings spanning roughly 75 000 square feet of office space and 4 000 square feet of data centre operations.


Take note

  • Vox Telecom improves the efficiency of its system.
  • All roads to efficient equipment control start with a proper audit.
  • Integrated building management systems play a vital role in efficient equipment control.