Remote maintenance of recycling machines



The recycling machines referred to in this article are typically controlled using an industrial PC. Depending on the customer’s specifications, the control handles various tasks, such as:



  • Transporting the basis material to the machine
  • Checking the material for foreign objects
  • Grinding, cleaning, and mixing the plastics in a cutter compactor
  • Plastification of the material using the extruder worm
  • Subsequently cleaning the melt in the melt filter
  • Pulverising and filling the final product

The intuitive screen-based control concept allows the company to provide effective online support—which involves external performance optimisation, monitoring of wearing parts, and recording of production data. Further, it is planned to use Web cams in the recycling systems to provide visual support during troubleshooting.


Take note

  • Remote monitoring of machine components is possible.
  • Maintenance processes are enhanced by the ability to monitor systems from off site.
  • Maintenance personnel can be forewarned of machines requiring service or attention.


Published as:

Secure web-based remote maintenance of recycling machines

By M Hecker, Phoenix Contact

Electricity+Control, September 2011 (pgs 24 – 26)