Real-time water network management

Water utilities experience the challenge of deteriorating water quality due to ageing distribution piping and depleting water sources. Recently developed is a powerful water network simulation software - that will provide an effective and comprehensive overview of the entire water network and operation. Many have invested in SCADA systems which allow for partial monitoring of the network, but do not offer the option of proactively stimulating impacts on the distribution network. Real-time SCADA data has transformed a static planning tool into a dynamic decision-making tool, integrated into the day-to-day operation and with instant, clearly identified benefits and economic advantages.


Some highlights

  • Real-time data can be combined with weather forecast data making it possible to predict future consumption
  • You are able to view areas, sections, zones and details of the network
  • You can easily simulate interventions such as opening or closing of valves, or starting and stopping of pumps
  • You are able to track the water through the entire network giving you an overview of the water’s chemical composition, age, taste and odour


Take note

  • Water reticulation is a critical part of any society.
  • Water requires real-time intelligent management to both optimise delivery and detect faults.
  • Modern control products exist to help you improve your water management.


Published as:

Intuitive operating tool for water network management

By R Saman, Schneider Electric

Electricity+Control, February 2013 (pages 14 – 15)