Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) for industrial networks

Popular network topology designs in industrial applications include ring and mesh networks which provide for redundancy. Ring designs may offer the desired level of redundancy in many applications but they lack the flexibility to provide both redundancy and flexible load balancing over redundant data paths. It is time for network engineers to consider solutions such as Multiple Spanning Tree (MST) for industrial networks.


Take note

  • Substation automation draws together a number of disciplines that have oftenbeen thought of as separate.
  • Substation automation poses challenges of both redundancy and traffic prioritisation.
  • A multiple spanning tree protocol (MSTP) may well offer an ideal solution and the desired load balancing.


Published as:

Redundant load balancing for industrial networks

By P Diamandis, Quadnet Computer Systems

Electricity+Control, December 2012 (page 4-6)