Monitoring environmental conditions – made easy

By A Lin, Moxa Inc

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Electricity+Control, March 2013

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To enhance on-site security and monitor equipment status at remote infrastructures, some IT administrators often used an alternative method for environmental monitoring. This method incorporated network management software (NMS) with a proprietary SCADA system. However, due to the lack of functionality and interoperability with other systems, these solutions were costly and generated complex management implementations. Using a multitude of management systems and network-related commands made managing and maintaining these systems extremely difficult. In addition, IT administrators also needed to take the time to learn a totally different protocol such as Modbus.

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) environmental monitoring devices allow for easy monitoring of a typical telecommunications infrastructural environment as well as remote sites. The devices are specifically designed for information field applications that use the SNMP protocol for monitoring environmental conditions with a programming ability and multiple alarm notifications.


Take note

  • Remote site monitoring is a complex task.
  • It has become essential to monitor a wide range of environmental conditions at remote sites.
  • SNMP environmental monitoring devices lend themselves to this onerous task.