Manufacturing intelligence… a personal perspective



A visit to Rockwell Automation in Chicago… and the author returns with insight into the concept of ‘manufacturing intelligence’ which is integral to the future planning of this major automation company.



Some issues that are highlighted:

  • Focus on the solution rather than product.
  • Visualisation and simulation to improve manufacturing intelligence.
  • Concern about lack of appropriate skills.
  • Energy needs to be part of the entire manufacturing process – energy usage information needs to be presented in a usable form.
  • Most instruments used in industry have access to data relevant to energy usage – the key is to access and contextualise this information, making it possible for the client to make informed decisions.
  • Select processes and technology which reduce energy consumption.
  • Ongoing investment in R&D is essential.

Take note

  • Rockwell Automation is increasing its R&D spend.
  • Modern automation requirements revolve around finding appropriate long term, scalable solutions.
  • Energy is a commodity of modern industry and must be monitored and used carefully – like any raw material.


Published as: Manufacturing intelligence… a perspective

By IR Jandrell, Crown Publications

Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 8 – 10)