Easier configuration with new generation logic modules

Through consistent focus on user and market requirements, as well as new trends in automation technology, the logic module has become the market leader – offering an efficient alternative for simple automation tasks in industry and building technology. The authors’ company has taken advantage of the communication standard Ethernet and has added two additional logic modules to its camp; these are:

  • 12/13 RCE and 230 RCE.

* Figures represent supply voltage

* R = Relay Output

* C = Integrated Real-time Clock

* E = Integrated standard Ethernet interface for programming and communication between logic modules and units with Ethernet interfaces in this company’s portfolio – Simatic S7 controls.

The new units have opened up additional, cost effective solutions in the different applications through communication via Ethernet and other system innovations.


Take note

  • Logic modules have been around for over 15 years.
  • The authors’ company introduced the LOGO! logic module in 1996.
  • New LOGO! modules offer significant innovation in preparation for the next 15 years.

Published as:

Logic module – with on-board Ethernet

By J Ploch and C Röschke-Lindner

Electricity+Control, April 2012 (pgs 4 - 6)