Kenyan electrical distribution network improves as DAS is deployed

By T Spearing, Lucy Switchgear


Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2014 (pages 12-15)



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For Kenya Power, the drivers for automating the network were environmental, regulator (penalties for non-supplied energy) and there being a greater demand for better quality of supply. These issues were addressed through the deployment of the Distribution Automation System (DAS). In addition to maximising the profitability and efficiency through cost reduction, the Kenyan electrical distribution network has benefited from time saving solutions for fault location, network isolation and subsequent restoration. This was in line with the expectations that the introduction of this system would provide improvements in customer minutes lost (CML) and customer average interruption duration index (CAIDI), provide a better security of supply, and reduce any loss in revenue due to undelivered electricity.

The Distribution Automation System (DAS) project required the design and delivery of a bespoke distribution automation system for an overhead and underground 11 kV and 33 kV distribution control system (DCS) in Mombasa and the surrounding areas within the coastal region.

Kenya Power worked in close partnership with the author’s company providing knowledge and expertise in overcoming the local conditions. This allowed the company to conduct a location survey ensuring the project delivered an effective and cost efficient solution, taking into account ‘on the ground’ conditions.


Take note

  • Reliable energy supply is the key to economic success.
  • Distribution networks are complete systems and require management.
  • Deployment of a Distribution Automation System (DAS) has shown to result in improved system performance.