Ethernet/IP + Integrated CIP Motion

By L Martinez, Rockwell Automation


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Electricity+Control, March 2013

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Ethernet/IP, is leading in the industrial arena, primarily due to its adherence to the main Ethernet standard. This is opposed to other industrial Ethernet solutions that bypass certain elements of the Ethernet model in order to achieve particular performance goals. However, this modified approach leads to the need for proprietary hardware, firmware and software to handle those portions of the application that require real-time control - none of which restrict the deployment of Ethernet/IP.

One of the most recent advances for Ethernet/IP is the addition of integrated CIP Motion, which means that companies can now handle automation, discrete, process, safety and motion on a single network.


Take note

  • Ethernet continues to evolve.
  • Ethernet/IP with CIP motion technology offers deterministic, real-time closed loop motion control.
  • Ethernet/IP future-proofs your installation.