Data communications – heart of the network

Communications are the backbone of the industrial, utility and military worlds, especially the data communications as the heart of the network. All IP communications rely on a strong, stable and reliable Ethernet network. The correct configuration and equipment is essential to creating an Ethernet network that is able to cater for not only critical data such as PLC, SCADA and control data, but also for audio, video and other applications on the network, as well as being able to expand easily in the future.

All communications are significant when designing a safe, stable and secure network and all should be considered. Data, audio and visual do not need to be separated, and large amounts of budget can be saved by cutting down on cabling, spares and manhours when installing if a single, well configured Ethernet network is in place.


Take note

  • Industrial commercialisation has multiple facets.
  • Ethernet remains the basis of a stable and reliable network.
  • Data, audio and video communications can be served on the same network.


Published as:

Communications in industrial and utility networks

By T Craven, H3iSquared

Electricity+Control, September 2011 (pgs 20 – 23)

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