Automation system migration

By G Wilson, Siemens Industry Automation


Published in:

Electricity+Control, August 2013 (pages 8 – 10)

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As equipment ages the possibility of a product failure increases. Some of the installed equipment could be 10 to 20 years old. Devices like programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human machine interface (HMI) panels, industrial computers, variable speed drives (VSDs), process instruments and intelligent switchgear, are more susceptible to electronic failures due to ageing. One way of making sure such equipment failures do not cause plant stoppages is by replacing these old products. Some may be available, but at a much higher price, and some may have been phased out or discontinued.


Take note

  • Software is a huge investment – it takes a significant amount of engineering design time.
  • Software can be migrated from older systems to new systems.
  • Migration tools exist – but not for all projects; so be sure to consider this aspect when designing and building your system.