Advanced decision support system for waste water treatment works

By A Schroder, Royal HaskoningSHV


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2013 (pages 18 – 19)

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The Nereda wastewater treatment process, implemented at South Africa’s Gansbaai waste water treatment works (WWTW), is utilising an Aquasuite solution (ie the Nereda Controller) - with another similar installation in progress at Nereda WWTW at Wemmershoek near Franshoek. Some benefits:


  • Operators are able to assess the operational state of the plant at a glance.
  • Vast amounts of data are summarised and presented in real-time.
  • Different WWTW of the same municipality can easily be compared in a uniform environment via the Web interface.
  • The complete system is also monitored remotely by the suppliers from the Netherlands via a secure internet connection, and the purchase agreement includes one year’s remote support and optimisation of the model.


Take note

  • Remember ‘expert systems’? They play a crucial role in assisting in difficult decision-making processes.
  • Decision support systems are essential where complex processes, that can impact on the environment, are concerned.
  • Integrating DSS and powerful HMI systems ensures a reliable situation.