A walk down ‘industrial automation’ lane

In view of Crown Publications celebrating 25 years in the industry in November 2011, this author looks back and wonders how everyone managed without the technology and gadgets that, in the twenty-first century, we take for granted!  He mentions some developments which shaped industrial automation: the transformation of propriety hardware and software components to products complying with internationally adopted standards; the race of integration of components at all levels of the automation pyramid from a communication, engineering, operating and control and maintenance point of view; the ‘wars’ between fieldbuses – (foundation fieldbus versus profibus), between soft and conventional programmable logic controllers and between classical and hybrid distributed control systems. Then, of course, the age of the ‘digital factory’ in which we find ourselves today!


Take note

  • 'Nostalgia isn't what it used to be'
  • .…from the Commodore to the PC to tinned food and process excellence!
  • …from the transistor to the digital factory. 

Published as: Personal recollections of 25 years in industrial automation

By R Köstlin, Siemens, Electricity+Control, November 2011 (pgs 16 - 18)