Find the power cable fault

Fault finding is not easy – nor is it straight-forward. Cables are found at varying depths - from just a few centimetres to many metres (three, four or more) below the ground. They consist of bare conductors laid in wooden troughs filled with pitch, single or three cores, and a multitude of dielectric material. The article describes various power cable faults and the Megger strategy and ‘Logical Approach’, to fault location.


Take note

  • Fault location is a field of engineering beset with problems and uncertainties – most being of a practical nature which require a logical approach to achieve success.
  • A logical approach will enable one to find cable faults in power cable networks quickly, accurately and safely.
  • Sophisticated equipment to facilitate this process is available and is described by the author.


Published as:

It’s your fault: Guide to power cable fault location

By A Joyce, Megger

Electricity+Control, October 2011 (pgs 12 – 15)

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