Compatibility of single-mode fibre types

Four types of single-mode (SM) fibres are currently being deployed. It is inevitable that every so often, different types of SM fibres will need to be fusion-spliced together. The deployment of hybrid cables containing both G.652 and G.655/6 type fibres, has become a popular option but there is still the view that you can do whatever you want using standard SM G.652D fibre - but we know better!


Single mode fibres currently being deployed.


 Take note

  • To many practitioners, an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) remains the best device to test a fibre optic cable in terms of fusion splice losses.
  • An OTDR can, however, provide false readings based on backscatter of the splices.
  • The Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) remains the best method of determining end-to-end loss in any fibre cable.


Published as:

Mixing single-mode fibre types

By J Botha, Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions

Electricity+Control, February 2013 (pages 4 – 5)