Simple, accurate calibration instrument

By R Ainsworth, Fluke Calibration


Published in:

Electricity + Control, May 2015 (pages 4 -6)

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The Calibration 96270A RF Reference Source is the simplest, most accurate and cost effective single instrument for calibrating spectrum analysers and RF power sensors and more, up to 27 GHz. Its precision signal level and attenuation, high signal purity and precision low distortion modulation make this reference source clearly superior to the general-purpose signal generators that are often used to calibrate spectrum analysers, RF power sensors, attenuators, and similar instruments. Its low phase noise provides superior phase noise performance.

Unlike many RF calibration solutions, the instrument is designed specifically for RF calibration, with a calibration oriented user interface that makes it easy to learn and operate. The instrument simplifies and speeds up calibration procedures, reduces opportunities for operator errors, and greatly simplifies RF metrology. At the core of an RF and microwave calibration system, the instrument covers more than 80 % of the test points required for calibrating almost all spectrum analysers of any frequency range. For many spectrum analyser models operating below 27 GHz, you only need this instrument to perform the entire calibration.


Take note

  • The instrument described calibrates a broad workload of RF calibration devices.
  • As the central instrument in a high performance RF spectrum analyser calibration system, this instrument drastically reduces costs.
  • ‘What you set is what you get’.